We all need a little validation every now and then...

Perhaps you’re seeking a little validation at this point in your journey; Looking to connect you with your own spirit guides and angels so that you can trust and access that higher guidance and validation on a daily basis as you progress forward and upward. Here are a few stories of  clients who’ve experienced just that and the happy side effects and ease that follows.

Athena’s Soul Medicine course was fun, fascinating, and profoundly comforting on every level. It was wonderful to share such a personal and universal journey with the others in the course and to do so under Athena’s warm and talented guidance. There is so much magic in the world and in our lives (even our daily lives!) and I feel like we tapped into it in this course. Thank you Athena!
— Beth, Delaware

The soul medicine class was from my experience a tremendously powerful workshop/ set of sessions; powerfully profound for me personally and leaves me feeling more collectively connected (which as a newbie transplant in DE) I needed…

As far as cost it was indeed reasonable and even though these sessions and private ones cost more than what a single mom can afford at times it is always an investment in myself… I feel this course and our one on ones are like any other healing practitioner I see… and if a heart transplant can cost thousands of dollars at a hospital how much is the health of keeping our souls clear and high worth!!! Very reasonable and fair.

I got so much out of this {Soul Medicine} class… in my case it really brought to surface a lot of wounds, vibes, and work that needed to be drudged dug up and cleared.. and the energy is still high and strong that I am STILL doing a lot of healing and growth work even after the session ends / ended… For me this was a great mix of one to one sessions while also helping me remind my self that I am part of a whole and a collective of humanity and beings here… I needed this more than I could express as it was the perfect mix of private work that needs to be done and this has helped set me on that healing and has already Heeled so much already… and the bonding and support was encouraging and supportive.
Thank you!!!!! I knew I would not be disappointed and I was simply amazed…
— Emily, Delaware

The Soul Medicine class was unlike any other experience. It introduced me to spiritual realms I did not know I had the ability to access on my own. Opening up this other dimension supported me in the healing journey I had already started and plan to continue. Athena personalized the class using her intuition to guide us towards what we needed. Her warm and fun personality allowed me to trust her guidance.
— Cate E., Delaware

“Had an AMAZING experience with Athena!! I was recommended to her after visiting a local psychic and we did a Soul Revival with Cord Cutting in our session. Upon meeting Athena, I was at ease and calm. She has very warm and comforting way to her. I left our session feeling free, happy, and hopeful for the future. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!
— Elise W., Texas

Love working with Athena. She is open, intuitive and comforting. Her readings are powerful and helpful in navigating the physical world.
— Heidi L., Lewes, DE

I came to Athena through an old friends recommendation, coincidence? I think not! I came for a reiki treatment and upon talking to Athena prior to our session, I told her to “go with the flow and see where it goes”. I have been open to all holistic modalities for the treatment of my fibromyalgia and continue to be. I went with the expectation of getting some energy moving again and hopefully have some pain reduction. What happened changed my life forever, and I will always be grateful for what Athena has done for me. Athena made me comfortable from the door and her energy was radiant during my healing session. Athena guided me through an experience with my guardian angel, my mother, and reunited me with a piece of my soul that I lost 30 years ago. I have never felt or even imagined the volume of love that I experienced in that room. I’m overwhelmed still by this experience and eagerly await the next time I see Athena. I should also say that I have been relatively pain free for the past week and feel great! My friend who I intended to see for a reiki session, that recommended Athena to me said “Athena is an amazing healer”. That is an understatement…she is a miracle worker, if you have an open mind to the energy that is in all of us, you will not regret it.

Thank You Athena, thank you!
— David L., Pennsylvania

I have said for a long time that I thought we had past lives, but until yesterday I don’t think I really BELIEVED it at my core. I have had very valuable psychiatric psychotherapy for over seven years to deal with that relationship, and in some ways there was still a blockage, but after one session yesterday, I perceive things quite differently and that has removed the blockage.

I just can’t thank you enough. I feel this was a very life-changing experience. In fact it was a lives changing experience in that. I’ve been reading about quantum physics for a while and I admit I don’t really understand it but I read that theoretically time runs both forwards and backwards.

I keep writing things down, making voice Messages to myself, it’s like one epiphany happening after another. That experience connected a lot of dots for me. It also feels like it’s the beginning of something huge.
— Susan B, Delaware

As a disclaimer, I grew up in one of the mainstream religions and was wary of what I considered ‘alternative’ belief systems. I remained open, however, to new experiences and did my best not to be judgmental of the paths that others may take.

Athena has so many talents and abilities, I asked her how I should decide on which one to do. Her response: “do you want to be a believer?” I did. She suggested a Soul Retrieval.

I was a bit uncomfortable with the prospect but Athena has an amazing ability to make a person feel relaxed and at peace. The process was gentle and meditative. My mind oscillated between wandering thoughts and dedicated concentration. Regardless of where I was, Athena stayed focused.

When the session was over, Athena told me what she witnessed during our time together. She revealed amazingly specific details about my past – too specific for chance. In one experience, [details shall remain only with my closest of friends] she had described with great precision; she simply said “it was real.” I was overwhelmed with relief and hope. I believed again.

From that one experience, I have a renewed sense of purpose and connection to…whatever it is that is beyond our world. Despite my reservations, this ‘alternative’ approach is not at all in conflict with other belief systems. In fact, it is quite complimentary: focus on love, connection to others, and the realization that existence goes beyond our perception. I am eternally grateful for that experience and would recommend it to anyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, or belief.
— Ryan L. Silver Spring, MD