Stones, minerals, resins and crystals are age old gifts of the earth that can help us to heal our bodies, balance our minds, enhance our relationships, manifest our desires and so much more. Clear intuitive guidance is provided by the stones on which will work best with you at wherever you are on your journey. In an energy balancing session we work with reiki energy and the energy of the stones to gently achieve your desired outcome. Together, I teach tools for inviting the crystals into your own life. Cleansing, Tuning, and Meditating with them and learning where to place them, in your home and workplace for strongest connection.

Many of the techniques that I offer work with non-physical healing energy. Whatever it is that you are dealing with, if you’ve been guided to work with me, let’s get together so that we can determine which modality or set of modalities may assist you in your journey toward improved health, peace, and joy. 


90 MINUTES $85

Similar to a reiki or chakra balance session, in a crystal healing session the stones are laid out on and around the body, and within the aura. The stones clear negative energies and work to release emotional and physical pain and restore the body to balance. 


Per Class $125

If you have a site, studio, or group interested in hosting a class on crystals, this is for you. I will come to your site, or we can hold it at my space at Lanikai Wellness Studio. We can accommodate groups of up to 20. In this 90-120 min class, we will cover the basics of selecting, clearing and tuning the stones, my favorite books for reference, and we will participate in a group meditation to connect with the crystals.