Many of my clients have come in and called our sessions together their ‘Spirit Therapy’ and after some time… I’ve decided to call them that too! As shaman, I work with the Spirit world on your behalf and on behalf of the greater Good, but I’m also working with you to heal, restore, revitalize your own spirit. Therapy is recognized as a treatment intended to heal or relieve a disorder, and with Spirit Therapy, we are targeting the spiritual, energetic, emotional roots of whatever is bringing you dis-ease in this life. Whether it be chronic pain, undiagnosed illness, anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak or simply feeling out of touch with your Self.

I work with parents, children, couples, individuals, male, female, young and old… We all are here to serve and be a Light in this world and my intention is to help to rid you of whatever is dulling your light so that you can step more fully into this world and shine bright.

Spirit Therapy sessions can be held in my office, in your home or location (ie. hospital) if you have physical limitations, and over the phone if you are at a distance.  

What to expect:

Some spirit therapy sessions are held seated, similar to talk therapy. Others we begin with light conversation and shared messages and navigate to the healing table. On the table, you will receive a combination of reiki (hands over energy healing) , crystal therapy, guided visualization. Soul Retrieval and Past Life work both involve hypnotic regression and are generally performed on the table, however can be performed seated if that’s where you are most comfortable.


30 MINUTES $45 • 60 MINUTES $85 • 90 MINUTES $125 • 120 MINUTES $165
5-PACK $375 *can be shared between family members

In an individual Spirit Therapy session you can choose a specific healing modality (soul retrieval, past life therapy, energy/chakra balance, reiki, divine guidance reading) or you can choose to allow your spirit guides to guide the session. There is no right or wrong choice… It is your choice.


60 MINUTES $85 • 90 MINUTES $125 • 120 MINUTES $165

Masculine and feminine are polarities, we speak different languages. Just as I work as messenger between you and your helpers of the Spirit World, I work to assist you and your partner with connecting with your own spirit helpers and with clearly understanding the language of one another. You may think you are saying something clearly, but if you’re speaking in a different language, it will still not be clear to the other party. My work is to translate your partners needs, feelings, intentions, desires by tuning in to their energy, their past, their spirit team, in such a way that you can receive it without defense. Couples are able to have difficult discussions and navigate difficult emotions in a loving and supportive environment with the help of their collective spirit teams.

Kids & Teens

45 MINUTES $65

Just as I work as messenger between you and your helpers of the Spirit World, I work to assist you and your child(ren) with connecting with your own spirit helpers and with sharing messages with one another. Children feel deeply and suffer from many of the stressors and emotional imbalances we adults experience today and benefit from the unique and individualized approaches and tools provided by their spirit team. These unique and individualized practices are especially supportive if your child is combatting anxiety, depression, adhd, and other extreme sensitivities.

Parents are welcome to sit in and share during session. I encourage you to stay if your child is most comfortable with you being present. Commonly teens will opt out of having you stay after a first session, and if they prefer you not be present I do share messages for you as parent and encourage the teen to share as well so that the two of you can continue to process and spot the ‘signs’ and messages that show up following our sessions.

A Spirit Therapy Session can consist of any of the following modalities:

Energy / Chakra Balance

Our bodies are incredibly complex systems of physical and energetic mechanisms all operating separately but in tandem… All connected. Think of an electrical panel circuit or computer motherboard. In the computer there is a central processing unit (CPU) and memory… Very much like your own system. Your soul acts as the CPU, and you carry all of the memories of this life and others within your system. Your energetic body consists of complex systems of meridians which are what I call ‘energy veins’ and chakras and energy centers all spread throughout the body and mind. You have an auric field surrounding you which also houses and contains the energy of others, sometimes unwanted. In an energy balance session, I work with the reiki energy, stones, and guided visualization to clear, balance and restore your systems to optimum performance, similar to a computer system reboot.

Past Life Therapy

Trained with world renknowned leader in past life therapy regression Dr. Brian Weiss, I’ve combined by shamanic training and regression training and gifts of ‘sight’ into a what I call tandem journey. Together we travel back in time to revisit your past and collect supportive memories and skills. We leave behind whatever is no longer serving us and gain closure from past losses. Past life therapy can assist us with understanding present day fears, anxieties, illnesses, and relationship dynamics. There is much empowerment to be found in past life memories and there have been many miraculous healing recorded over time as the result of past life therapy regression. For more info, read any of Dr. Brian Weiss’s books or read up on the studies and research presented over the last 30+ years by the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine’s Division of Perceptual Studies here:

*Past life therapy is especially helpful for children combatting undiagnosed and unwarranted illness, fears and phobias, and depression.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a traditional Shamanic practice of the shaman or “seer” traveling back through time to retrieve lost or broken pieces of the soul, based on the premise that throughout time as we suffer various traumas and life experiences, parts and pieces of the soul break off. We don’t have to consciously know when or how it happened, the subconscious and our spirit helpers guide the journey back. In a typical soul retrieval session, you are led into a deeply relaxed state and together through guided visualization we journey back to retrieve and restore your lost parts. Soul retrievals are especially helpful with restoring the soul that has left the body in a traumatic abuse, accident, illness, or loss. Whilst we retrieve parts that were lost in traumas, we also retrieve the most empowering parts of ourselves that will best assist us in our present life circumstance. Following a soul retrieval, dreams may be more vivid, feelings heightened, rest may be needed and we discuss these. Clients report feeling more clear, feeling more empowered, and making movement on major life decisions where they may have previously felt stuck.

Crystal Therapy

Stones, gems and crystals are some of my favorite helpers of the earth. They emit beautifully powerful frequencies that translate into a language of their own. Their frequencies can interact with your own, working to clear, balance, and release energies caught in your body as well as translating those energies and frequencies into a language that I can understand and translate back to you. This is how I am able to perform ‘crystal readings’. Essentially I am reading and translating the frequencies emitted by these helpers, specifically for you. Just as I do with your spirit guides! In a crystal therapy session, the crystals will be laid on and around the body as they work to restore balance inside and out (on the auric level). Clients often report feeling physical sensations, coolness, warmth, tingles, numbness, and more as the crystals do their work.


Reiki is a traditional japanese technique for the laying over of hands. The practitioner acts as a channel to channel healing energy/prana/qi/light into the body of the recipient. The recipient lies on the healing table fully clothed and in deep relaxation whilst the practitioners moves around the body channeling healing energy through light touch or the hovering of the hands over various chakra and energy points on and around the body. Reiki clears, activates and channels energy wherever it is divinely guided and through relaxation activates the bodies own innate healing powers. Miraculous healing have been recorded over time as the result of reiki treatments.

Divine Guidance Reading

Clients often come to me for a reading when they are needing some clarity in making a major life decision, understanding a relationship dynamic, or seeking improvement in some area of their life. Together with your spirit team, I share messages and guidance, helping you to look at and weigh other factors involved in your own free will choice. With relationship readings, we are able to tune into your needs, the needs of the other partner (past, current, or future) and receive guidance on how you can best support their needs or where you can redirect your attention to. Your spirit team is here to support you in whatever you are ready and willing to ask for help on… money, work, love, health, parenting… They are here to help you.