The Shaman, having been around since the beginning of time, has also been known as the medicine man/woman, the Seer, the wounded healer, witch doctor.  The shaman travels the spiritual realm through ‘journey’ or deep meditative trance, in order to connect to higher guidance and retrieve information and soul parts.  This proves to be a very gentle process that often parallels traditional psychotherapeutic practices. As in traditional Tibetan and Native American Shamanism, I utilize sound, trance, journey and connection to higher powers, to connect to your subconscious highest Self and work to bring you back to a state of whole-ness. Whether you’re dealing with pain, illness, addiction, difficulty sleeping, or just plain old stress my intention is to work with you in healing and releasing its root cause. 

Many of the techniques that I offer work with non-physical healing energy. Whatever it is that you are dealing with, if you’ve been guided to work with me, let’s get together so that we can determine which modality or set of modalities may assist you in your journey toward improved health, peace, and joy. 


75 MINUTES $125 • 90 MINUTES $150

Soul Retrieval is an ancient Shamanic practice of returning lost parts of the soul. Sometimes we feel like there’s a hole in our heart, or a piece of our soul is gone, due to stressful and traumatic experiences in our lives. Sometimes we have difficulty forgiving others or our selves, and need to gently retrieve that parts that we’ve lost, in order to move forward with forgiveness.  In a soul retrieval, the shaman goes into a deep meditation (journey) and works to bring back soul parts. After your session is complete, you may feel immediate sensations of warmth and release, but the effects will gently unfold over the following three months.


75 MINUTES $125 • 90 MINUTES $150

Do you feel like you run into the same patterns and/or attract the same types of unfavorable situations and people into your life? Understanding certain relationships, experiences, contracts, fears and past-life traumas, allows us to ‘remember’ the lesson and release ourselves from these patterns. In a Past Life Journey with me we travel together through a tandem journey and regression. I gently regress you back, seeing with you, and we return with stories and experiences of your past lives that can help you to move forward. My approach is very gentle and if trauma is ever revisited it is done so as a witnessing observer with great sensitivity.


30 MINUTES $55 • 60 MINUTES $85

We have 7 big electrical balls of non-physical energy in motion from the base of our spine all the way up to the crown of our heads. Based on circumstances we face throughout life, our chakras become unbalanced, blocked, out of order. In restoring balance to the chakras, you may find relief for some physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties.