Leave with Love - Athena Allread

Leave with Love - Athena Allread


Regardless of the parties in a relationship (parent-child, brother-sister, husband-wife, teacher-student, employer-employee, or friend-friend), we've come here to earth to share many different experiences in love and relating to others…and when the time comes to leave these relationships, we are left with the arduous task of learning how to Leave With Love. This book is a loving and supportive companion to you or your loved one through relationship transitions. No matter which end of the transition you are on, whether you are on the giving or the receiving end of a release, this book will provide you with tools for softening into the transition. 

In this debut book, contemporary Shamanic Practitioner Athena Allread brings light to the darkness that we all experience in moving through relationship transitions. Athena provides guidance in how to navigate the changes, heal yourself from past and present attachments, and gently guides you through the process of acceptance, decision making, action and healing as you leave relationships. 


When arriving at the decision to leave relationships in pursuit of happiness and freedom, we are at the gateway of a great battlefield of transition.  At the other end of this battlefield is greater wellbeing, happiness, pleasure, freedom, enlightenment, the potential for the greatest loves you’ve ever known…but in pursuit you will come across many obstacles and what I call the Seven Demons of Change.

With her concept of the Seven Demons of Change, Athena introduces you to seven major emotional blockers that you meet on what she calls the Battlefield of Change, and provides you with exercises and tools for how you can ‘slay’ them as they arise..

Weaving in hints of metaphysical and spiritual concepts, Athena gently introduces us to the various types of soul relationships, like twin flames and soul mates, helping us to better understand the purposes and dynamics of many of the loved ones in our lives and where karma plays it roles. Through practical journaling exercises and meditations Athena provides you with therapeutic tools for analyzing and accepting each relationship as it is. 

Athena shares emotional, relatable and touching client stories and stories of her own experiences as she illustrates the shared journeys we all encounter as we navigate changes and exits in relationships of all kinds. Work, family, romantic, many of the tools in this book can be utilized for finding peace, self-love and compassion when leaving relationships. 

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