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with Thomas Archino (April 11th, 2019)

Episode info: Informal Chat with Rehoboth Social founder Thomas Archino … Little bit of sharing about who Athena is… and chatting a little more about Loved ones on the other side and how they are always leaving signs for us to let us know that they are always with us. 



with Dr. Katie Elder (January 10th, 2019)

Episode info: ” This week I’m joined by spiritual shaman and business owner Athena Allread, who has already written a couple of blog posts for us, for a special podcast that discusses knowing when to push and when to wait when we are manifesting our destiny. I know this is something I struggle with, so this was definitely a helpful and amazing conversation. I hope you find it just as useful! 
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– Dr. Katie


with Randi Sachetta (July 17th, 2018)

Episode info: “Ahhhhh this episode is so FANTASTIC! Today I chat with the Seaside Shaman Athena Allread. She is a beautiful goddess, a yoga teacher and a shaman! We chat about past life journeys, energy clearing, chakras, Reiki, and all things shamanism!” – Randi