Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prepare for a session?

Clients often ask how they should prepare before a session. Your body and spirit will take care of its own preparations for you. I encourage everyone to have a journal on hand for sessions to take notes, or to use a voice recording app to record messages from our session. Some insight that is shared may not make sense right away, but may manifest or present or resurface in days weeks or months to follow. A recording is supportive in reviewing the actions and guidance provided by Spirit and in ‘remembering’ what was shared in session.

Sometimes before a session (this also occurs commonly before attending spiritual trainings and workshops) your body and mind will begin to purge. You may experience nausea, diarrhea as the physical body works to clear toxins. You may experience extremely vivid dreams. Unexpected feelings and/or emotions may surface seemingly out of nowhere.  A person you hadn’t thought of in awhile (parent, lover, family member) may come into mind. Trust that you are being prepared for your work with Spirit.

What will I feel after?

The way that you’ll feel after a session varies from session to session based on the work that we are performing. In an energy balance session, my general intention is that you leave feeling revitalized, balanced, clear. Sometimes you’ll feel high, as if your body and spirit are buzzing. This is the result of an increased vibration that is maybe a little higher than you’ve been accustomed to… enjoy! After soul retrievals, you can experience a wide range of feelings and emotions. Depending on the soul parts reclaimed and depth of healing, you can feel anywhere from calm and centered to happy and elated to sad and grieving as you purge the remainder of those emotions that were caught in time and in your body. After each session I will prepare you for how to cope with the emotions that may surface following. Deep shamanic work can be very much like spirit surgery where wounds are opened to pull out toxic ‘cancerous’ energies and can create a bit of discomfort for a few days following. This is not always the case but I do prepare you for if it is.

There is much happy magic that follows when you begin working with your spirit team.  I encourage clients after we begin our work together to be on guard for signs, messages, synchronicities from Spirit. There are no coincidences… see them as synchronicities. Ask questions in meditation and in your mind as to what these things mean. Google them! If you see recurring numbers, animals, images, songs, words… they are all messengers for you.

Do you prescribe treatment/ medicine?

The ‘medicine’ that I ‘prescribe’ will be medicine of the earth or medicine for the spirit. I am not a medical doctor and thus cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe. We have an integrative MD physician on staff in my wellness center (Lanikai Wellness Studio), and we often refer back and forth to one another. I refer out to highly skilled herbalists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, psychotherapists when recommended by Spirit. I may suggest in session specific bloodwork, testing or even surgeon. This can be especially helpful to both you and your physician when dealing with undiagnosed illness. I am often shown specific herbs, oils, medicines and treatments by Spirit but I always encourage you to do your own research and use your intuition when selecting any medication for yourself.

Does my mind actually have healing power?

Yasssssss! Your mind not only has healing power, but it also has the power to create dis-ease and illness and to weaken your system and open it up to be more susceptible to outside toxins and diseases. If you fear a disease or illness you are 99% likely to welcome it into your system. The good news, is that just as you welcome it in, you can escort it out. In our work together, we target specific areas of the body and mind where toxic energy has entered and through guided visualization we use the mind-power to expel it. Through that same mind-power and guided visualization, we welcome in light and healing energy. Every visualization we practice in my office, you can practice on your own.

How do future predictions work?

Not all future events and occurrences are set in stone! There are events, circumstances, encounters that we would call ‘destined’ that are a part of your great BIG plan… but even still you have free will. I often explain it like this… Imagine yourself planning a trip to Italy. You lay out the dates you’ll leave based on the season and weather and type of experience you’d like to have. You plan to meet certain friends or family members, see shows, take some hikes, lead some adventures. You set your return date. But when you get to Italy, you find some surprise encounters, the weather is better than expected, you want to stay longer, you meet new friends and decide to change your plans… You didn’t know how awesome this trip would be. Or in some cases, you didn’t know how awful. You can change your plans.

With divine guidance readings you and I sit in counsel with your helping team of angels, masters, spirit guides, loved ones… and tune in to their guidance. They are aware of the plan you originally laid out for yourself, they are aware of the energy surrounding you and others involved in the present, and they are aware of the likelihood of certain outcomes based on present dynamics. But because we all have free will, nothing is set. My intention is to connect you to the guidance of your helping spirits and to support you in making empowered choices for moving forward.