The Shaman is one who walks between the Spirit and earth realms on your behalf and on behalf of the greater Good. Through my writing, my private sessions and group classes and trainings, I serve my mission of bringing you closer to full alignment and true embodiment of your Self. I work with many of our helpers from the Spirit realms, angels, guides, masters and your own Higher Self to guide you through whatever is blocking you from that alignment.


I came to shamanism after a decade in architecture, after painful loss and mysterious illness. When all hope was lost, I opened up to the recommendation of a friend to visit a shaman and that day not only was I healed but my life was changed forever. I’d seen Spirit and visions of others’ stories since I was a small child, had a deep fascination with psychic phenomena since childhood, and studied yoga, astrology, tarot, buddhism and anthropology ‘for fun’ in my teens and twenties.  After that visit with the shaman, I gave myself permission to step into full alignment with my Self, to own the gifts of sight and feeling that had run through the bloodlines of the women in my family for ages.

I’ve trained with shaman Terri Pippin The Medicine Woman, Karuna Reiki Master and Psychotherapist Dr. Toni Hemmerich of Trinity Healing and Wellness, world renowned past life therapy regressionist Dr. Brian Weiss, I’ve completed Sandra Ingermans Medicine for the Earth training and my studies continue.

I take a contemporary approach to the ancient ways, integrating modern tools into the traditional practices of journey and ceremony. I am a Doreen Virtue certified crystal reader and work with the crystals on many therapeutic levels. I work with various angel oracle and tarot decks. I practice traditional Usui Reiki and incorporate it in with each session however is needed. My past life work is a tandem journey regression experience where I fuse shamanic journey with traditional regression techniques. Influenced by Tibetan Bonpo shamanism and Yoga I hold a warm and gentle sacred space for realization and transformation to unfold.

Because Spiritual work is not bound by time and space, all of my work can be done across the distance. I work with clients from coast to coast by phone, video and in person. Join me on an upcoming retreat to meet in person and enjoy a full immersion experience!