When we tap into guidance from our subconscious higher Self, angels and guides, we are able to make divinely guided choices and move forward into greater health, relationships, finances, and more. I incorporate messages from above into tarot and oracle card readings, to assist you with working through whatever it is… wherever you are. $65 online/phone reading. $45 1/2 Hr In-person session. $85 Hr session. **Please call for group and event offerings.

Improved home and family life

Would you like a little ‘help’ resolving some issues or conflicts that you’re having in your home or family life? Do you need practical advice and guidance on how to move forward and work through something that’s got you stumped? Whatever it is, if you’re needing help with your relationship, children, finances or home buying, connecting to divine guidance, we can work through it and come up with practical tips and guidance on what’s going on and how you can move through it. I’ve even used the cards throughout the homebuying process in weighing house options, knowing who to trust, and finding patience when I needed it the most!

Connecting to your own spiritual Self

Sometimes we just need a little reassurance that we’re on the right path and that we are in fact connected to higher guidance after all. I can help you to gain clarity and reassurance that you are doing a great job, and share messages from your angels to help you right along.

Business and Education goal setting

Do you need some clarity on what direction you’re heading in? Are you interested in starting a business but not sure the specifics? Or would you like to bring more heart and light into your current business? In a Divine Guidance session, we can receive clarity on your deepest desires and passions, as well as practical insight into the paths currently laid out for you.

Transform your money mindset

Many of us worry about money. We feel limited by lack, and sometimes it prevents us from making the choices that we feel in our heart are right. We can work with the cards and our guides to determine what has been holding you back and what you can do to move forward toward balance and living out your dreams with confidence.

Tarot is an ancient system of ‘Divination’. Divination is any means of connecting with the ‘Divine’. The Tarot follows a 78 card life journey, also believed to be the traditional ‘Hero’s Journey’, which works by law of attraction.  The idea here is that we pull the cards that are in alignment with exactly where we are in our life journey in the exact moment of a reading. In addition to the tarot, I work with Angel Therapy and angel chakra and oracle cards. I work by way of connecting to your subconscious self, and your angels and guides.  Our angels and guides are here to help us. With their guidance and the help of the cards, you are on your way to achieving your goals!