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Feeling Yucky? 5 Surefire Ways to Clear Your Energy

Feeling Yucky? 5 Surefire Ways to Clear Your Energy

Aura’s are real. And they pick up alot of stuff. Imagine you have this delicate bubble around you, and it picks up dirt and debris as you go along your daily business. Sometimes, a simple shower can clear it. But sometimes, bigger things cling to it or even worse… get inside of it. Lately I’ve been seeing more people with yucky stuff caught in and around their aura. With all of the energetic shifts happening in the universe we seem to be more susceptible to the muck, and we’re being encouraged to make sure to clean and clear our Selves more frequently. Those suffering from Depression or recovering from addictions tend to have some of the bigger attachments, but I’m seeing more and more lightworkers coming to my table with ‘stuff’ too.  No matter how bright of a light you are, your defenses can come down.  If you’ve caught a slight cold, if you’re a woman on your cycle, if you’ve had alot of visitors around, if you’ve been traveling, your defenses could have come down and yucky stuff could’ve moved in. You’ll know that you have picked something up, when you feel a little yucky, sluggish, negative, just not like yourself. Here are 5 surefire ways to clear your aura and energy field.


This is easy and takes the least effort on your part. Either out loud or in your mind (or on paper!) ask God, Universe, your angels, whatever you believe in… to release you from any negative attachments. Ask for any feelings of heaviness to be lifted. Ask for light to be sent down to fill the darkness that has wrapped itself around you.



Take some quiet time to tune into your body and aura. Begin to visualize what it looks like, sensing the color of it, the shape of it, where it may be distorted, where you may have some muck or outside energy attached. Visualize a drain in the floor just a few feet out in front of you, and a magical showerhead over your head coming down in full force cleansing away all of this energy with beautiful sparkly blue water. Visualize all of the muck and outside energy as a gray or brown sludge being washed away from your body and going down the drain and back into the earth.


Take a Bath

A shower is great for daily physical and energetic cleansing, but a bath with sea salt (or Epsom) will go deeper into the aura. Take some time at least once a month to give your Self a nice soak in a salt bath. Make it fun and relaxing, throw some lavender oil in there and marvel at how amazing you feel when you get out. This is especially powerful when done around the full moon.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is my go to stone for clearing auras and seeing into the body.  I can not see into the body of my clients without a clear aura, it’s as if I’m trying to look through a murky windshield! My process is to lie several clear quartz crystals around the body. Sometimes I’m guided to lie them on the body but usually for aura clearing, around the body is enough. I encourage you to try this at home! And for those lightworkers who come into contact with alot of people and their ‘stuff’, I suggest you wear a clear quartz around your neck or keep some nearby.


Seek Professional Help

I say this over and over because it’s true… You never have to do this alone!  If you’ve tried clearing your Self and still aren’t feeling totally clear, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Many shamans and energy healers are skilled at sensing negative energies and can assist you with clearing your aura and releasing you from outside attachments. This is a gentle process and you often leave immediately feeling lighter. If you’d like to work with me in clearing and resetting your energy, contact me today!

Peace to you on your journey,



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