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Finding Rebirth And Sisterhood In The Sweat Lodge Experience

Finding Rebirth And Sisterhood In The Sweat Lodge Experience

Irecently sat in on my first sweat lodge. Amongst a beautiful group of women, all healers in their own right… herbalists, teachers, shamans, midwives, yogis, mothers… This group created such a powerful vortex of energy that I was humbled before even setting foot in the tent. As we stood in prayer upon entering the tent, placing our sacred items on the altar, drumming and chanting, giggling, I saw images of several of us in another time doing just this same thing. There was a sense of ease and wonder in knowing that we’d done this before and were gathering on this night in perfect timing to do it again as we all moved into new territory along our individual journeys. Upon entering the lodge and finding our seats, I witnessed a beautiful very old woman spirit guide open the space for us; Walking around our circle, shaking her ‘spirit’ rattle over each of our heads, kissing each of us on the forehead, thanking her ‘daughters’ for coming together. I saw her dance and lead.  And throughout the night the word ‘daughters’ stayed with me. I knew in my heart that these women were in fact my sisters. We are here, daughters of the Great Mother, with big missions to serve, lead, guide, assist all of our brothers and sisters in this life.  As we said our prayers in the second round, I prayed for my sisters. I prayed that all perceived obstacles to their dreams, all illusions be dissolved.

I prayed that they feel the Great Mother igniting that fire inside of their wombs that gives birth to dreams and dissolves illusion.

We sweated through each round in this dome representative of the female womb. I felt the full experience of entering the womb of the Great Mother in excited anticipation with a bit a fear, feeling warmth and comfort surrounded by my sisters, journeying to the sounds of their chanting and singing; Entering into a very personal and sacred emotional space of observing and discomfort, and in the end finally shedding with every last drop of sweat, all of my past.  In that final round, As I sat knowing that I would soon emerge from this sacred womb, I experienced the most intense sweat of the night.  Naked, I felt the sweat dripping in large droplets over the curves of my body and onto the mat, and with each droplet went all of my past pain, guilt, shame, trauma, hurt, regret.  I felt the magic of these emotions and emotional experiences lifting away from my body which had held onto them throughout all my years on earth. Freed of them, I made my passage out of the lodge, feeling pure and unblemished, crawling out onto the grass and lying like a new born Woman under the cool glow of the full moon. In this moment I was reborn.

If you’re moving through a transitional period in life, or in need of rebirth, there are many traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices to move you through the experience. In addition to the Sweat Lodge… Shamanic practices of soul retrieval, Baptism and other religious ceremonial cleanses are highly effective. I’d love to hear from YOU about your practices and personal experiences of rebirth.

Peace to you on your journey.


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