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7 Lighter Ways To Raise Your Vibration and Patch Together That Broken Heart

7 Lighter Ways To Raise Your Vibration and Patch Together That Broken Heart


It’s festival season and I’ve been doing a lot of readings… I LOVE doing readings at festivals because it gives me the opportunity to be in a fun new environment, meet new friends, meet other healers, and serve those who may not have otherwise found me. And naturally after doing lots of readings, I begin to see patterns of the many ‘objects’ taking up space in the minds of those around me.  Heartbreak, ex-lovers, confused lovers, these are extremely common. Last week I did readings at a really fun event with the Dewey Beach Artist Collaborative, and was amazed at how many beautiful women I met that were still nursing broken hearts. I meditated on it, and asked Spirit what I could share to help these women feel better. Here are a few things that came to me in meditation, with a bit of my own flavor thrown in for giggles.



Shout out a great big F$%# YOU!

Bet you didn’t think that’s what a shaman would recommend?! But first and foremost, we need to honor ourselves as spiritual beings living a human experience. You are human. Therefore, you can embrace that human-ness and find a quiet place (or a car), hold an image of their face in your mind or on your phone or in a photo… and with a smile whisper “F@%k you.” And than if you feel the need shout it out. Than try to laugh.

Laughter is medicine. Laugh because you know, that you are on a higher vibrational level. Than, from that higher vibrational level, send down a little love to that f@$%er.


Play UPLIFTING music

PLEASE don’t play sad breakup music. No Adele. No Sam Smith. Can I recommend a personal breakup favorite? “Dickhead” by Kate Nash. And almost any Regina Spektor, Beyonce, Pink or Rihanna song. Play something uplifting that makes you giggle. Play something that empowers you and raises your vibration. Sad music will only lower it, and this will NOT help you to feel better.


Send out love and positive vibes to that person

What’s most important to remember, is that none of this is your fault. He (or she) is on a different vibrational level. They are suffering. Sit in meditation and ask your Self and your angels and guides what it is that this person is suffering from. Is it work stress, financial worry, insecurity, depression, physical illness, their own heartbreak? Let the answer flow quietly into your mind. And when it comes, send out love and positive vibes to that person.


Hit the Yoga mat

Working through asana, you’ll build heat in the body, eliminating physical and emotional toxins stored in the body. Meaning, painful memories be gone. Opening up the body, stretching, strengthening that pelvic floor, toning that booty, these things will make you look and feel hottt. And at the end of the class, it’s totally okay if you find the waterworks falling when you come into savasana. Let it out.


Look damn good

Get up off that yoga mat, go stand in front of the mirror and say hello to that beautiful goddess staring back at you. You ARE a goddess…. So act like one. Put on your sexy undies, mascara, lipgloss, a pretty dress… do what makes you feel like a goddess. Don’t wait for someone else to present the occasion, honor the goddess in you every single day.


Get out and try new things

Have you had a burning desire to go try stand up paddleboarding, surfing, rock climbing, crocheting? Whatever it is… go do it! You will feel proud, empowered, and clear-headed (even if only for a moment). And even greater, you are giving the universe, your angels and guides, the opportunity to do some work on your behalf. You never know what magic will come when you begin to follow those little hunches.


Forgive Forgive Forgive

I’ve said this one before, but it can always use repeating. I truly believe that the only way to heal a broken heart is through forgiveness. Once you’ve had some time to heal yourself, I pray that you will find it in your heart to forgive. Forgive him (or her) for whatever they did to break your heart. Try to see the hurt little boy (or girl) in them that never intended to make you feel this way. Forgive their past. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the key to truly healing that broken heart.


Heartbreak sucks. It really does. My intention is to make light of as much as we can in this life, but If you find yourself really struggling to get over someone, consider booking an appointment with a shaman or energy healer near you. The root cause of your attachment can run very deep, sometimes into past lives, lost soul parts, even uncut energetic ‘cords’, and you may need additional help from a professional. I pray for fast healing of your heart and those you love.




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