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The Shaman & Her Seeds (A Short Poem)
I’ve been incredibly touched by this April full moon energy. I’m not sure if it’s because my birthday is just around the corner and my Aries fire is ablaze, or if it’s this magical Pink full moon, but I’m feeling extremely connected to the Earth all around me and my own Earth mama Goddess energy. Working in my garden this morning, beautiful words were flowing in and out of my mind, attempts of the brain to put to words the magic of the ‘act’ of digging into the earth and connecting, the magic of seeds falling into the earth and taking root, and the magic of what may come from those seeds. Here is a short reflection… I’ll call it ‘The Shaman & Her Seeds’.

The Shaman & Her Seeds

Her seeds

falling freely
gently landing
leaning into
the earth

sinking deep
roots extending

reaching upward
toward the light

she grows

she blooms

seasons change

she seeds



Enjoy this April Pink Full moon. Create some magic. Dig into the Earth. Sow some magical seeds.

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