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The ONLY Way To Heal A Broken Heart

The Only Way To Heal A Broken Heart

The heart is truly a fickle thing. It is a delicate thing. There are countless ways to have one’s heart broken, and countless ways that we break other’s hearts without even being aware of it. And when I say ‘broken heart’ I mean the heart chakra. I believe that’s what we all mean, even if we don’t know what a ‘chakra’ is. We can feel it in our chest. We feel that deep deep aching, that stopping of oxygen, that expanding, that fluttering… and we speak of our ‘heart’.  A few days after my ‘mommy’ passed away, riding in the car with my husband to get food I suddenly felt sharp pains in my chest. I felt like I was having a heart attack and It made no logical sense that a healthy young women in her thirties would be experiencing heart attack symptoms, but nonetheless there they were. I told him that I thought we should get to the nearest ER very quickly because I was sure that I was experiencing the beginnings of a heart attack. I practiced my yogic breathing and after about 15 minutes it passed. The pain subsided.

Grief, Breakups, Job losses, Cruel words, Betrayal, Parental Abandonment, these are some of the common causes of heartbreak that I witness during my client sessions. Heartbreak is at the root of so much physical and emotional illness, as it spreads into other systems and organs often being diagnosed as gastroenterological or other. And there is only one cure that I have witnessed. And it is….


Forgiveness. I leave space for some clients to come to this on their own, and for some clients I’m guided to practically shout it to them… It depends on the person, on the experience, and on how long they’ve held onto their pain. But GOD (aka the universe) has shared with me that the only way to truly heal that broken heart, is through forgiveness.

I asked… “But what about with mommy? I was grieving. Who did I have to forgive in that case?” And ‘the universe’ answered back “yourself”.

It was true. I’d had recurring dreams following her passing, where I hadn’t gone to see her more in the months leading up to her leaving for heaven. And each time I’d dream this, I’d be in so much pain, so much guilt, and she’d say to me “it’s okay Thena”.  It wasn’t until I got out that journal of mine, and wrote that letter to my Self, forgiving her for being caught up with her own children and pregnancy and life… it wasn’t until then that this recurring dream stopped. And that guilt subsided. And my heart healed.

Is your heart broken over something or someone? Ask yourself if there is someone in your life that you need to forgive. Be gentle with yourself and allow for as much time as you need. And when you’re ready, speak it out verbally or in your mind, or maybe even write it…

“I forgive you _________ for _________”.


Peace, love and heart healing to you on your journey,



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