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Meditation, Writing, Prayer and Why We Need All Three

Meditation, Writing, Prayer and Why We Need All Three

In case you were wondering… Yep, shaman’s pray. At one time, I thought that prayer was only reserved for those who went to church regularly, or committed to a religion earning the badge and calling card to directly dial in to God. So I didn’t do much praying.  As a yoga instructor I’d developed a pretty steady meditation practice, and I’d been writing and journaling since I was 8.  Between these two I thought that I was well covered on the well-being front.  But when I began my walk as a Shaman, a whole world of spirit help showed up. It was as if I’d earned the badge and calling card for all of the help in the universe! And this help shows up in the form of seen and unseen teachers, angelic helpers, connection with human helpers down here on earth, crystal and plant helpers, dream helpers, and yes God does show up. What these teachers have shown me, is that

in holding steady in my meditation practice, my writing/journaling practice, and my prayer practice, I am accessing an incredible trifecta of universal help and guidance on a daily basis.

Here’s my understanding of why you need each, and how you can fall into a steady practice of each:


Meditation is the clearing of the mind. We practice meditation for an infinite number of reasons, but of utmost importance to me, is the clearing of the mind. In quieting and clearing the mind, our bodily systems suddenly begin to quiet. Our physical bodies relax. Our heart rates slow and blood pressure levels come down. We become a clear and open vessel. We put ourselves into a state of ‘allowing’. Allowing for God, the universe, to breath healing energy into our bodies, allowing for the universe to whisper gentle messages of hope and inspiration into our minds. Allowing for our spirits to travel to dream places and experience freedom, even if only for a moment. When we meditate we are open to receive.

in Practice:
You can meditate on the beach, on your sofa, in your bed, in the shower… it doesn’t matter! I teach meditation and I hear from so many people that they have difficulty clearing their minds. So first thing first, give yourself permission to let your mind wander. And each time a new topic pops into your mind, say “hello there__(thoughts about xyz)__ I’ll get back to you later” and take a clearing breath… breathing that thought right out of your nostrils. Visualization is the strongest tool when you are new to meditation. Make it fun, visualize yourself on a beach if you can’t actually be on a beach for meditation, visualize yourself floating in the clouds, visualize yourself sitting in the middle of a forest surrounded by your favorite spirit animals. Smile 🙂

Writing & Journaling

Writing is sharing. We share our stories and inspire others, we share our feelings and release them from our emotional and energetic bodies, we share our dreams with the universe and allow for Her to step in and provide. Writing is meditative, however writing can come a step ahead of meditation and assist you with the clearing of the mind. Imagine that writing is putting in your wishlist to the universe, and meditation is opening up and allowing for Her to step in and answer.

in Practice:
Find yourself a snazzy notebook or journal that you’ll want to keep with you at all times. Sign your name in the front of it. Maybe even give it a name. Get really close and personal. And begin a practice of writing in it every morning or night … Depending if you’re a morning or night person. Personally I’m a night person. It’s 1am as I write this 🙂


If meditation is opening us up to receive, and writing is sharing, than I see prayer as dialing in on that magical phone to the universe. Depending on your personal beliefs, you may feel that you can only pray to God. That’s great! God delegates. But I’ve found that my room fills up quite quickly when I dial in other helpers as well. Spirit doesn’t limit how much help is available to you. Express your need, and trust that whatever help is best suited for you in your time of need… will come. It may not be instantaneous, or it may not be exactly what you imagined. But it shows up. Sometimes theres a grander plan than what we are privy too in these times of trial. Trust 🙂

in Practice:
Prayer can be woven into your meditation or into your writing practice. And of course you can pray at any time of day, but there is something quite magical about the night. It’s as if the magnetic pull of the moon is lifting up that veil and clearing up our signal out to the universe. And when we pray just before we drift off onto our dream journeys, sometimes answers and direction will come right then and there. Be honest, be open, and trust. As Gabby Bernstein would say “The universe has your back!”

Peace to you in your journey to receiving all of the gifts of a steady practice of meditation, writing and prayer.



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