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The Benefits Of Adding a Shaman To Your Medicine Cabinet

The Benefits Of Adding a Shaman To Your Medicine Cabinet


The Shaman, the traditional Medicine Man or Woman, revered in many villages, communities, and tribes worldwide, is beginning to rise in the US. We are coming out of the closet. It’s scary for some of us as we know that historically this line of work has had it’s share of ridicule in the West, but many cultures have continued to value the gifts that spirit healers bring to their communities and our world. Many more individuals are now opening up and welcoming spiritual healing into the Wellness arena with open arms. Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with the work of the Shaman, I’d like to share with you some benefits to adding a Shaman to your medicine cabinet.

Healing from the root of most disease… Emotional Healing

A Shaman is a brave and fearless warrior, traveling the spirit world on your behalf, rescuing your soul parts from the demons of your past, so that you may be whole and live a more ‘complete’ existence. They are a loving and compassionate earth angel, non-judging, knowing your deepest pains and darkest shadows, holding your hand, providing a shoulder, and sometimes even crying with you… For they often times feel your pain as if it were their own.

Emotional pain, grief and trauma rest in the physical body. The Shaman works to gently release these from the body.


Early Detection of Disease and imbalances in the body

The Shaman performs practical healing work, helping to alleviate pain, fight disease, balance internal systems… And some can detect ailments deep within the body before the doctor has even run an ultrasound. These gifts can operate on a complementary plane to the valued procedures of modern medicine. Their goal is not to diagnose, but to initiate healing. Having a Shaman in your ‘medicine cabinet’ can save you thousands of dollars of unnecessary testing, can help to guide the doctors and specialists toward where to direct their attentions, can help you to demand certain tests be performed, and can sometimes reverse the condition itself.

Relief and Physical Healing

How does the Shaman reverse the condition or heal the body? This brave and wise warrior understands that they don’t have to do all of this work alone. They incorporate the spirit helpers of their personal ‘Medicine Wheel’. Whether it be reiki energy, herbs, crystals, angels, power animals, spirit guides, passed loved ones, elementals or other, the shaman knows when to call in help, and follows their own guidance. You may not feel the need to know who or what they see… but should you have the desire… you can always ask. Often times, a shaman will provide you with tools or guidance on continued action toward relief. They may recommend oils, herbs, crystals, exercises or other gentle means that you can perform on your own at home.

All Shamans are different. Choose with care, just as you would with choosing any other healthcare provider. Ask for a consultation. Go with your vibes. Most of us modern shamanic practitioners are surprisingly simple. We play soft music, create a relaxing environment, get you nice and comfy on our table, and while you relax we do our work. It may be simply passing hands over the body or lying crystals on or around the body;  It may be sitting next to you in deep meditative journey. Whatever it is, we work for your Highest good.

With emotional balance and physical healing our reality shifts and we are better able to love and find what brings us joy. And when we our Selves are whole, we can then spread more love and joy into this world. The Shaman understands that with each individual healthy and balanced, she is bringing more love and joy into this world one by one, and doing her small part in healing our world.  Take care of your Self, heal your Self, and trust that you are doing your part in healing our world. Peace to you on your journey.


** Disclaimer: Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment by a licensed health care professional, if you have a serious health concern please see a licensed medical professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. Seek professional medical advice before making any major health decision.

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