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Navigating Depression? Spiritual Tools to Lift You Up, Ease Anxiety, and Get a Better Nights Rest

Navigating Depression? Spiritual Tools to Lift You Up, Ease Anxiety, and Get a Better Nights Rest

In the last week I’ve encountered a few beautiful women navigating their way through depression and having listened to their perspectives, felt their pain, and channeled guidance for them, I have a little to share with those of you out there who are moving through it alone, or who love someone who is moving through it alone. The message that the angels are sending you today, is that you don’t have to go this alone.

I’ve seen the darkness in the aura surrounding women suffering from depression. And I’ve seen images of a woman’s spirit crawling along a dark floor, as if she’d tripped and fallen and was unable to lift her self up. Here again, I tell you that you do not need to go this alone. There next to this woman, I prayed and asked for help, and witnessed archangel Azrael appear and grab her under her arms and hoist her up. I could feel the heaviness in her. I knew that this was only the beginning of her walk toward the light, but that she was now walking out of this darkness.

One woman described to me the feeling of having a cold wet blanket draped over her in the morning, and the great difficulty of waking up from underneath this ‘blanket’. One thing leading to another, lack of sleep, than sleep pills leading to low energy, upper pills leading to insomnia, insomnia and med cocktails leading to anxiety and racing heart… and so on. You can get out of this cycle, and it can be a gentle transition.

If you or someone you love is moving through depression, here are some of the tools that I have shared in private client sessions, things that you can do on your own or in a supportive studio environment; These tools will not only lift you up, they will ease the anxiety that tends to come along with depression, and they may even help you to get a better nights sleep. I hope that you will find them useful.


Yoga is so much more than getting upside down and bendy. It’s meditation, it’s visualization, it’s breathwork, and it’s gentle and subtle movement. Try sitting in a comfortable seated position on the floor. Slow your breathing. Lift both arms up over head with your fingers wide. Fold forward. Allow your forehead to come toward the floor while your arms reach out in front of you.

I recommend exploring movements that get your arms up over your head. You want to feel as if you are lifting up, flying, being hoisted up by the heavens. Poses like Warrior 1, Reverse Warrior, Mountain, Goddess, and Bridge will lift you up. If you’re unsure where to get started, pull up these poses online or find a private yoga instructor that will come to your home or offer private sessions in the studio.


Essential oils and diffusers are big right now. Treat yourself to a diffuser, place it in your bedroom. Place a few drops of lavender or sandalwood in it at night to ease your mind and spirit, and help you to rest. In the morning, if you’re in need of a pick me up, try an orange oil or citrus oil blend.

Other methods of aroma-therapy include burning incense, candles, aura sprays, natural scented body oils, fresh flowers. Explore what resonates with you and make a nightly ritual out of it.

 Healing Stones and Crystals

There are stones and crystals to help us with just about everything. With depression, I’m often guided to use Sunstone to bring light into the aura. It is a ‘sunny’ stone, increasing optimism, giving a more positive outlook, and aids in vitamin D absorption. Howlite is a stone that assists with balancing the emotions and finding calm, excellent for anxiety. I recommend finding jewelry (earrings, necklace, ring) with these stones embedded in it and making it a habit to wear it daily. This is an excellent gift if you know someone navigating their way out of depression.

I use Pyrite in session to absorb the energy in need of release. This is a stone that doesn’t need to be held for long, or kept near you. If you’re not using it with a healer, I’d recommend holding it in your right hand for a few minutes, and then placing it in a pouch and tucking it away until you need it next.


I end here with prayer. Set your intention, meditate on it, and/or pray to God, the angels, whoever you believe in… Wrap yourself in white light and Trust that you have unseen support standing by waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask. As I write this blog post, I pray that each person that comes across this post will find the tools that will best work for you or your loved one, and that these tools will bring them closer to the light. If you’ve come here, you are that much closer.

love and light to you,

** Disclaimer: Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment by a licensed health care professional, if you have a serious health concern please see a licensed medical professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. Seek professional medical advice before making any major health decision.

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