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New Year New Moon – Tools for Planning For a Year of Dreams Come True
If you’re feeling a sudden burst of energy and optimism, you may be feeling the positive effects of this January New Moon. I’m always excited at the sensation of pushing a giant glowing blue reset button every 4 weeks and this January New Moon brings the energy of a a new year full of endless possibilities with it. If you feel in your bones that this is a big year for you… A year of rebirth of self and birth of new projects and endeavors, fresh starts, exploration of uncharted territory… Than you are already quite connected! And even if you’re not feeling it (yet!), these tools and exercises will put you right into alignment toward making 2017 your year of dreams come true.

Create a visual

The biggest most powerful step in making your dreams a reality is visualizing them OVER and OVER again.

You can visualize in your mind, but it feels so much more tangible when you’ve got your goals and dreams laid out symbolically and visually right in front of your eyes. My son and I are dreaming of a surf trip to Costa Rica. We have a vision board specifically for this trip. It’s adorned with cutout magazine images of girls and guys surfing, buzz words, the words ‘ Costa Rica’ , relaxing imagery, delicious foods, and more.  It’s a work in progress and we add to it as ideas grow.

Are you dreaming of a new car. Find a mini model of it or something similar and place it somewhere sacred. Fall into daydream when you’re with it, imagine how you’ll feel sitting in the drivers seat, who will be with you, where you’ll go.

Are you hoping for something that’s not quiet tangible? Assign an image to it and make it as detailed as you can. Are you hoping for new clients? Visualize tiny blue gift bags, arriving in your work space. Visualize your excitement at opening each gift bag and allow yourself to feel the sensation of surprise and gratitude with each one.

Draw a map of your year

Grab one of those 11×17 or larger sheets of paper. Colored paper makes it even more fun and vibrant. And if you want to get real wild, pick a color of paper or marker that lines up with the chakra associated with that goal. Money goals… red for the root chakra.  Love goals… green or pink for the heart chakra. Spiritual goals… light blue. Travel goals… yellow for courage and adventure.

Grab a sharpie and start with the biggest craziest dream of what you’d like to accomplish this year. Be mindful of the when. And begin to work your way backward to this very moment. You are breaking this goal up into smaller and smaller pieces until you’ve walked yourself right back into your here and now and into one solid concrete step that you can take right now. For example: Our surf trip to Costa Rica. We’d like to visit before summers end. We’ve begun to break down each month into how much we’ll need to save, what we’ll need to have booked, who we’ll need to contact, down to the very beginnings of step #1 pick a date!

Tell someone… anyone!

I met a lovely lady in the movie theater the other day. It was a strange ocurrence where for the first time since I can remember, I made it into a movie theater nearly half an hour before the movie started… all 3 kids in tow! I was quite proud of myself as we settled into our seats with our popcorn and gummies. And just in front of me was a young lady, all alone. We started up a conversation and before I knew it I had blurted out my biggest craziest most secret goal of the year!  Not only was it liberating, but it suddenly felt as if it wasn’t so crazy after all. Spirit had aligned this young woman and myself to be in the same place at the same time to connect because as it turned out… we had a shared goal.

When you share your dreams and goals with the universe you set yourself up for a little magic to happen. And when you tell someone here on this earth plane, you’ve taken the next step of adding in a little accountability. And pulling in a little earthly support. And from here real magic unfolds at an incredibly rapid pace.

Seaside Shaman says: It never hurts to make a ritual out of it!

I love making ritual out of any and everything. It feels good, it feels more solid, and I feel more confident when I’ve created sacred space and summoned all of my spirit helpers for assistance in amping up my own powers of manifestation. There’s no right or wrong way to set up your own ritual.

Pull together whatever tools make you feel connected to God, universe, angels, guides, your highest Self. For me this is my crystals, the moon and stars outside, my sacred incense, my journal. For you this may be a rosary, mala beads, animal totem, herbs, etc. Set up your space, say a prayer or chant, or just start a dialogue in your mind with your guides. Sit and allow yourself to dream.

Dig deep, and no matter how wild or crazy you think your dream is for this year, write it down and map it out. This January new moon is fully supporting you in making it a reality.

Cheers to making 2017 your most magical year yet!

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