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Learning To Listen to Crystals
We all have an ongoing dialogue rolling through our minds constantly. For many of us, it takes great effort to quiet the mind and its many voices. In addition to the typical mind chatter, some of us may hear with our inner ears, and see and feel stories playing through our minds almost as if they were on a film reel. Throughout most of my life, as I viewed glimpses of people’s lives running through my mind, I would often say to myself “You’ve seen way too many movies Athena!”  And it wasn’t until I’d walked some unexpected turns on my spiritual path, that I began to learn that I was not replaying scenes from movies that I’d seen in the past… That I was in fact viewing the movies of others’ very real and present lives. (Don’t worry friends… I don’t see anything you don’t want me to!)

I share this because we are all interconnected to one another and the world around us.  And when we learn to sift through the mind chatter, tuning into the voices and images playing in our mind, we are able to access a magical world of divine love and guidance. Our angels, guides, plant helpers, crystals, and more are all a part of this world.  With clarity, we are able to connect and receive the benefits of a relationship with these helpers. The angels and crystals have been my biggest allies in my own life, and in the healing and guiding work that I do with my clients. They speak in very gentle voices, and it has taken some effort on my part to trust what they share and to soften into myself so that I can hear their gentle voices.  Here are some tools for beginning your walk with the crystals if you are feeling the call…

Listening with the back of the Mind

When I say the Crystals speak gently… They really do. It’s a soft and subtle voice in the back of the mind. You’ll know it’s the crystal(s) because it’ll be quick and soft, you may question it, but you’ll feel that you just received guidance from outside of your Self. And you’ll know. Explore listening to the crystals by playing a little game. Begin with clearing your mind. Then standing in front of several crystals ask a question and just listen in the back if your mind.  Either out loud or in your mind, ask a question like “Which of you can help with focus?” “What’s the best crystal for bringing money into my life?” “Is there a crystal to bring love into my life?” Again, just listen for a gentle message in the back of your mind. You may hear a specific name, or you may just hear a color.  Notice if your eyes are drawn to a specific crystal.

Listening with the Eyes

Because we are all connected to each other and the world around us, our senses will assist us with making a stronger connection when we desire to. Sometimes when my mind is not quite as clear as I need it to be, or I’m having difficulty sifting through thought and guidance, or sometimes I’m just not quite sure I’m receiving clear information… I will rely on my eyes to ‘listen’ to the crystals. This takes the pressure off. The eyes will make a connection to the crystal that is willing to help in that moment. It’s as if it’s sparkling a little brighter just to grab your attention.

Listening with the Hands

When all else fails,

the hands are a very reliable receptor.

The beauty of the hands is that you don’t even have to have a question in your mind. You can approach a crystal display with a wide open mind, and allow your angels and guides to work with the crystals on your behalf. They know the areas of your life where you can use the most assistance. Slowly wave your hand over the crystals, and with a clear mind notice any sensations in the hands. You may feel a magnetic pull from underneath, you may feel a buzz, and you may feel as if someone just leaned over and pressed your finger down toward a specific crystal. Just go with it!


The final and most important step in beginning to invite the crystals into your life, is building a relationship of trust.

Trusting your Self to be receptive and trusting in your own ability to listen to the crystals. Trusting your gut when it tells you that this may not be the right crystal for you.  And trusting the crystals and their intentions to assist you on your journey toward greater health, joy and balance.

If you’d like to learn with me in the studio, I’ll be leading a Crystals 101 class at Dimitra Yoga Rehoboth Beach next Saturday 1/14/17. You can learn more and register by clicking here.

best of luck on your journey,


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